Empowering Youth

Youth Training and Exchange Program

Established in 2000, SALTO-YOUTH is a network of eight Resource Centers working on European priority areas within the youth field. SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed supports and reinforces the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Cooperation by offering trainings, events, educational tools and practices.

YWCA-Beirut is an active partner in the SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed’s network that provides training opportunities for youth, youth leaders and trainers active in Youth in Action and EuroMed framework. The training are mainly aimed to develop tools for learning.

YWCA-Beirut was also accredited in 2015 as a Receiving and Sending Organization within the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Program. This entitles the Association to get involved in the mobility project in charge of sending young people and youth workers abroad or in hosting them.
Young Volunteers (18 – 30 years old) participating in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) can choose to work in a wide range of fields: culture- sports- education- environmentheritage… and benefit from learning the culture and language of the host country.

Implementation of “Be Brave: Express Yourself” Training course In line with the YWCA objective to strengthen freedom of expression and dissemination of
the culture of inter-community dialogue among young women and youth, the YWCA-Beirut initiated a training course under the title of “Be Brave: Express Yourself”. The Contracting Authority was the Ministry of Youth and Sports and it was funded by the European Union. Twenty young leaders from Egypt, Italy, Hungary and from 8 different associations in Lebanon gathered here, to receive training on the freedom of expression.
The training was not lecture structured but rather an interactive and dynamic learning experience using non-formal educational methods, where all the participants discussed their ideas freely.

Since 2014, the YWCA-Beirut partnered in several workshops all over Europe:

Finland, Italy, Latvia, U.K, Hungary, Jordan, Turkey, Georgia, and Spain.

Project “Join Us”

Under this project (a European Voluntary Service Program) funded by EU, YWCA-Beirut hosted two very pleasant Polish girls for 6 months, Asia and Angelika.

“Being a volunteer for YWCA in Beirut was an incredible experience. I and Asia spent 3 months giving English activities to students of YWCA Technical College. During this time we learnt a lot about the country and its culture. The most interesting part of our classes, were discussions when students shared their opinions on the whole range of subjects. In YWCA we always felt appreciated and taken care of. I am especially grateful to Madame Samia Nazzal for her extraordinary support, Madame Tamara Chbeir for being such a wonderful teacher, and Madame Lisa Saad for all the conversations about Lebanon. It was a great adventure. Thank you all for this highly enriching experience.” 

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 “I came to Lebanon to volunteer at YWCA-Beirut, my task there was to teach at the Technical College that belongs to the organization. I must say it was quite an experience! The students, although difficult at times, were eager to talk and share views and ideas with us. It was a very valuable experience and I am really grateful we could get to know the people that will one day shape Lebanon. We were greeted with kindness and accepted by the school’s staff. The principal, Ms Samia Nazzal, always cared about our well-being and helped us and guided us on our way. We were given an opportunity to attend French classes with the wonderful Ms Tamara Chbeir who dedicated her own time to teach us. We could count on other teachers to support us, especially on Ms Lisa Saad, who offered her advice whether it was concerning teaching or life in Beirut. During our time there we met amazing people who helped us see what Lebanon really is.”


Empowering Youth

Asha during the “Rise Up” Campaign for the World YWCA Day

Angelika with the Technical College Students