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VOCATIONAL TRAINING, “Home Care” program

In 2012 the HOME CARE training was established with the objective to empower women and girls to ensure their economic sustainability. The training is given by a certified nurse and consists of a three months extensive training that allows the participants to provide care for patients, infants and elderly. In addition to the training, participants will also receive practical training, at a hospital or a nursing home such at AUBMC and Moadieh Center. Eight sessions have been given so far and the 70 trainees who graduated were able to immediately join the job market with good salaries

Life Testimonies
“In July 2006 my mom had a brain stoke while she was in full activity, I decided to take care of her physically and mentally. This was a great pleasure for me day after day to serve her with total devotion… In 2014 while I was reading a journal, I was captured by the announcement of the YWCA-Beirut about the “Home Care-Vocational Training session” so I attended the course with enthusiasm and conviction that it will change my life. And they successfully tought us how to physically and emotionally take care of patients and help them recover. Also we learned how to take care of new born babies and how to keep them healthy and safe and much more. I can say it was a great and valuable experience that opened to me new opportunities and in my turn, I encourage everyone to attend this training course, maybe one day you will light a candle in the

Baby on Board

A three hours sessions, four times per month

Providing Job Opportunities