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Technical College

Over ONE hundred years in the field of technical education. The YWCA-Beirut Technical College offerd vocational programs with BT/TS government diplomas, as well as Special Diplomas certified by the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education.

Technical Baccalaureate Certificate (BT)
BT Program Majors:

  • Accounting & Computer
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administrative & Office services
  • Hospitality Techniques (sales & production)
  • Pre-School Education


Required Level

Study Duration

  • Accounting $ Computer
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administrative & Office services
Grade 9 or BP
1st secondary
2nd secondary
3 Years
2 Years
1 Years
  • Hospitality Techniques (sales & production)
Grade 9 or BP
1st secondary
2nd secondary
3 Years
3 Years
2 Years
  • Preschool Education
Grade 9 or BP
1st secondary
2nd secondary
3 Years
2 Years
1 Years

Students’ options after receiving their degrees:

  • Pursue a License Technique (LT) degree
  • Pursue a university degree according to their majors
  • Work in their respective fields of study

Special Diplomas:

One Year

Three Months

Administrative Assistant Make-up and Skin Care
Hair dressing Computer/Typing
Assistant Chef Administrative Assistant
General Accountant Manucure Pedicure

One Year Programs

Administrative Assistant
All types of organizations, Big or small, public or private, need to employ administrative assistants. The role and responsibilities of administrative assistants is always evolving and may include the ability to solve complicated issues, provide excellent internal and external customer service, manipulate spreadsheet data, assist in project management, and utilize online tools. The program we offer is designed to provide students with skills to deal with all the stated issues as well as with several computer software applications, keyboarding and communication skills. Moreover, The program ensures students’ development of good oral and written business communication skills.

Hairdressing Course
This course has theoretical and practical lessons and covers the essential skills in hairdressing techniques (washing, brushing, coloring etc..). Students will gain
knowledge and expertise and will be prepared for employment.

Assistant Chef (Cooking & Pastry)
The course consists of a theoretical part where food production technology is studied, and a practical part where basic cooking skills as well as a variety of recipes from local and international cuisines are applied.

General Accountant
This special diploma introduces the students to basic accounting principles, procedures and information systems. Main emphasis will be on financial statements preparation and evaluation.

Three Months Courses

Make-up and skin care course
This introductory course is tailored to suit beginners.
It is a first step to become an accomplished make-up artist. Graduates will acquire basic understanding of make-up and skin care required for a freelance artist.

Administrative Assistant (Intensive)
This course includes both theoretical and practical lessons that enhance students’ knowledge of office procedures and skills, basic business writing and correspondence. This course also includes a quick review of basic Microsoft computer skills as well as
the use of internet in business (outlook web access, emailing….).

Manicure & Pedicure Course
This course covers the essential skills in manicure and pedicure. This is one of the key skills in beauty therapy, and essential for anyone wishing to work in a salon or spa.

Admission Requirements:

  • Certified attestation of the last class studied or a copy of the degree earned
  • 1 passport size photo
  • A copy of the I.D.
  • Registration fee
  • Certificate of good conduct from the last attended institution.

Study shifts: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. till 3 p.m.
Languages of instruction: Arabic, English and French.

Extracurricular Activities:

Theatre: Students of the Drama Club use the theatre of the modern cultural center of YWCA –Beirut, to prepare plays and dances and perform them in front of the YWCA community.

Trips: One day school trips are organized for entertainment as well as educational purposes.

Seminars: Meetings with professional people are arranged to enhance students’
exposure to the post-graduation world. Awareness campaigns are also given to help students avoid dangerous endeavors such as drugs, as well as direct their attention to different academic or career paths they may choose to follow through orientation meetings with different local universities and professionals.

Self-Development Activities: Students have the option of attending self-development
sessions with professional. Building self-confidence and solving behavioral issues are addressed in these activities.
A cafeteria providing snacks and sandwiches is also available to students.

The Technical College is accessible to persons with disabilities. Full scholarship and financial aid are available with the assistance of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Specialized and Intensive Courses include:

Intensive cooking course:
Duration: 2 months
Number of hours: 48 hours
Timetable: 2 days per week/3-hour sessions.

This course is given by a professional chef and includes:

  • Food basics and theories
  • Hygiene
  • Food presentation and decoration
  • Lebanese cuisine, Italian ,Chinese and more
  • Short introduction to other cuisines
  • Sweets and deserts
  • General English
  • Students should take a placement test to determine their exact level. “Y.W.C.A English program” is made up of 6 Levels:
  • Level 1: Beginner, 30 hours
  • Level 2: Elementary, 40 to 42 hours
  • Level 3: Pre-Intermediate, 40 to 42 hours
  • Level 4: Intermediate, 40 to 42 hours
  • Level 5: Upper Intermediate 1, 40 to 42 hours
  • Level 6: Upper Intermediate 2, 40 to 42 hours
  • Level 7: Advanced ,40 to 42 hours

English conversation classes
Course objectives:

  • Speak with greater accuracy and fluency in common everyday situations
  • Work on pronunciation
  • Listen more effectively in English
  • General English courses develop overall command of English in all areas. Conversation courses complement the General English program by providing lessons which focus specifically on oral communication skills.
  • Duration: 20 hours, two days per week, 90 minute sessions.
  • Business English
  • Business communication skills
  • Languages (French, Arabic …..)

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Telephone number: 01-367750-1 \ 01-368019
Director: Ext 106
Administrative Assistant: Ext 109
Registrar: Ext 107

Career Building