Developping Women’s Potential

Hobbies and Skills

The Hobbies and skills program provides opportunities for women to acquire new skills and meet new people. Developing those skills improves the mental and physical wellbeing, enhances self-esteem, relieves stress and change one’s life.

“In our turbulent world of work and duties, the YWCA Beirut Art class is my “Private Garden” of rest and relaxation, meditation, and developing my creative potentials. I Love it!” (L.M.)

Sewing Classes
Discover the world of sewing by learning pattern making and creating your own wardrobe. Six sessions, two and a half hours each per week.

“Collage was a life changing experience. Why? Because I was given the tools and taught the technics to personalize a myriad items. Through collage, I can now decorate objects such as boxes, plates, pottery, ashtrays, vases and even tablecloths to match my and my friends hobbies. Add to that the relaxed friendly atmosphere and the sum is the most productive and pleasurable sessions.” M.N.

Oil Painting Classes
An introduction to perspective drawing, form and volume, shadow and light through oil painting classes. Four sessions, three hours each per week.

Découpage & Collage Classes
A full-of-fun program where one learns decoration techniques for making boxes, glasses, candles, frames and other items come alive with a simple personal touch. Four sessions, three hours each per week.

Café tricot
Learn & share the techniques of knitting & crochet in a friendly atmosphere. One three hour session per week.

Cooking Class Our newest program is attracting a lot of interested women in the culinary art with Chef Rabih Abou Halka. The chef has an incredible ability to transform the class into
a fun-exchange of tips and skills while presenting a three course menu.

Furthermore, the YWCA-Beirut organizes one-day workshops such as:

Skin Care
The healthy skin workshop will give you the fundamentals of good skincare: cleanse, tone and moisturize. Learn the basics of how the skin functions, choosing the correct
cleansers and methods of application for your skin and the new products in the market.

Floral Tips and Tricks
Get handy tips on how to make sure that your garden is your pride and joy, and the envy of your neighbors. Learn the ABC of indoor gardening, flower arrangement and planting bulbs.

Arm knitting
Learn the basics of arm knitting and complete your own super-soft, chunky cowlneck. Ideal for beginners.

“Posture and Flexibility” Workshop:
Regain your flexibility with the practice of stretching exercises and learn the basics of maintaining a good posture in your everyday life.

Developing Women’s Potential