Board of Directors

President: Rola El-Khoury
First Vice President: 
Edma Farah
Second Vice President: Daniella Chemali
Treasurer: Aida Abdul Samad
Secretary: Aida Mardelli
Executive Director: Samira Maasri
An elected Board of Directors sets the policy and priorities for the Association while a number of committees implement and supervise this policy through programs and activities. Our aim is to develop the potential of women and girls.

Members: Aida Abdul Samad, Aida Hajjar, Aida Mardelli, Daniella Chemali, Diana Chedid, Dola Hakim, Edma Farah, Effat Abou Assaly, Jacqueline Semaan, Leila El-Saleeby, Lina Mishalany, Maha Haddad, Maha Naaman, Mona Mardelli, Nadia Khalifeh, Nelly Chahin, Paula Abdel Hak, Renée Freij, Renée Ghattas, Renée Nassar, Rima Sader, Rola El-Khoury, Rania Touma.


Committees Chairs- 2018:
Legal Consultant:
Aida Hajjar
Finance and Personnel: Aida Abdul Samad / Aida Mardelli
Fundraising: Nelly Chahin / Dola Hakim
International Woman’s Day: Daniella Chemali / Rima Sader
Vocational Training: Edma Farah
Leadership: Lina Mishalany
Youth Club: Paula Abdel Hak
Technical College: Leila Saleeby /Renée Ghattas
Hobbies & Skills: Mona Mardelli
Culinary Art: Dola Hakim
Membership: Diana Chedid / Rania Touma
Membership Orientation: Nadia Khalifeh, Maha Haddad
Public Relations: Effat Abou Assaly
Euro-Med Projects: Jacqueline Semaan
Excursion: Rima Sader
Newsletter:Renée Freij


Beirut Representatives to the National YWCA Council
Edma Farah / Maha Naaman / Lina Mishalany / Jacqueline Semaan / Rima Sader

A Board is a Victory Not Gift