Make a Difference


“Leadership lies at the heart of YWCA as a movement.” Over the years, YWCA volunteers and staff have built a platform from which women have raised their voices and discover that together they are capable of improving their world, individually and collectively. In the process, they have developed their own leadership skills and expanded their world views.

YWCA works in collaboration with many partner organisations and networks to advance its advocacy and program work, including women and youth networks.

    Women In Municipalities

  1. A Platform for Political Participation» 2010-2009 Funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the project aimed at promoting women›s participation in the political life of Lebanon in preparation for the 2010 municipal elections. This was done mainly through the capacity building of 25 selected women and through a public awareness campaign in relation to this important issue.


  1. The National YWCA of Lebanon and its Member Associations have been participating in the Beirut Marathon Women’s 5Km Race organized by the Beirut Marathon Association. Around 170 members and friends from YWCA ran to End Violence Against Women.

    Empowering women in politics

  1. Lebanese women have been largely excluded from active participation in the country’s political life. Percentage of women in present parliament 3.1%, Gender Gap Report 2016, World Economic Forum. Lebanon is classified at level 143 out of 144 countries in relation to women representation in parliament.For that purpose, YWCA Beirut along with several NGOs and activists initiated the Women in Parliament collation with the objective of promoting the full participation of women in politics at decision making level. The YWCA has been appointed as the coordinator of this coalition.Since its inception in 2012 and after persistent work and lobbying with head of political parties, the Women in Parliament members were able to bring in the open an official discussion on the implementation of short term measures, 30% women quota in the new electoral law.In July 2016, the YWCA- Beirut implemented a project funded by the National Democratic Institute entitled “Parties nominate women”. The project aimed to lobby political parties for the inclusion of 30% gender quota in electoral law. As well as conduct a study analysis on the process and results of the municipal elections. And finally, share the information resulting from the study and party meetings through a Press Conference.

Make a Difference