About Us

We are the Young Women’s Christian Association, the oldest volunteer organization in Lebanon to address challenges facing women. We have been active since the beginning of the 20th Century in developing leadership qualities and promoting the collective power of women in order for them to achieve equal rights, health, security, dignity, freedom and sustainable environment for all.

Our Vision is a fully inclusive world where justice, peace, human dignity, freedom, and care
for the environment are promoted and sustained by women’s leadership.

We value the collective power of women and girls, through self-determination in all areas of life: leadership which improves the status of women, full participation of women at all decision levels and a life without violence for all.

YWCA – Beirut is a member of the National Council of Lebanon YWCA, which currently includes nine branches in different regions of Lebanon and is affiliated to the World YWCA.

We are a women-led organization that achieves positive change by providing ongoing programs, activities and services for women, youth and communities. Our multidimensional program strategy reaches hundreds of women and youth every year:

A Technical College BT and TS program, a Hostel for girls that accommodate working women and students, a Cultural Center and Training Center, Women’s Leadership and Capacity Building programs, Vocational Training, Hobbies and Skills workshops, as well as several community outreach activities, and a number of social advocacy issues that engage young women and youth.

Bold & Transformative Leaders